Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Republican Infantry ultimate greens!

I do firmly believe that the more pictures one can show, the less words is going to need. So that please draw a beer can from your cooler, watch calmly the photos at will, and give us your opinion on them.

Such is to be the box:
20GEF001 box front
20GEF001 box reverse
And such will be its content:
first 6 soldiers
first 6 soldiers
next 6 soldiers
next 6 soldiers
As you have most probably noticed, this first set consists of 13 soldiers and 2 NCOs --ALL different poses! Let's go for a closer approach now:
first 3 soldiers
first 3 soldiers
next 3 soldiers
next 3 soldiers
another 3 soldiers
another 3 soldiers
last 3 soldiers
last 3 soldiers

What about their size? Here you can see them, next to a ruler graduated in half milimetres:
Are they compatible to other manufacturers ranges? Well, I've taken a few pictures of them next to some Irregular, Bandera/HPC, Barcino and BUM similar figures, so that you can judge by yourself:
comparison 1
comparison 2
comparison 3
comparison 4
This first set of Republican Infantry will be fully available in a pretty short time --some 2 weeks, maybe 3 at most. Nevertheless, in the next few days, we shall put them on pre-release sale, for those unwilling to wait for reserving their set. Wish you like them enough for purchasing them by the hundreds --I won't become a rich man for this, but you'll be helping me to further develop a most comprehensive range!!

Just for recalling: these superb figures have been sculpted by Juan G. Bautista of Xan Miniatures in exclusive for us.


Unknown said...

menuda chulada de soldados :)

Paul´s Bods said...

They look very good

peter said...

They look very good indeed!


Anonymous said...

Muy fantastico!


cromojaro said...

Unas miniaturas muy buenas, si señor. Lástima que no sean de 28mm (1/56)

Anonymous said...

This made my day, many thanks for the update!

Useful poses, a realistic set of weapons (maybe one more bajonet would be good), good proportions, perfect size for 1/72 - well done guys!!

Even the notoriously difficult Spanish helmet has come out really well. Oh, and your boxart is better than what we get from most plastics manufacturers nowadays!

I take it these are late war uniforms. Maybe you could market them as 1939 Polish and 1941/45 Romanian troops as well after changing the helmets.

Magí said...

Molt bonics, felicitats!

The Wilde Goose said...

Very nice figures, and fills a gap for quality 20mm figures for this war.

Best of luck with this.