Thursday, November 21, 2013

Minairons Forum

The Guild
We at Minairons Miniatures have just hired a forum of our own to The Guild wargaming forums portal --so sharing space and community with other well-known small industries, such as Elhiem, CP-Models, Force20, The Hobby Den, or Iron Fist Publishing and their Battlegroup WWII gaming rules.

Minairons Forum is aimed at allowing the most interaction and feedback possible between us and our friends, by the several subforums set therein: A dynamic Wishlist where to tell us and eventually discuss future projects, share painting and gaming experiences at our Gallery, or being periodically acknowledged about what's going on through our Workbench. Further subforums are to deal with generic Questions & Answers or our periodical Newsletters. That is, all what you wish to know about us!
Our Forum
You can access Minairons Forum by either getting into The Guild and seek the button above at their home page, or straightforward using the following link: You must be registred for being able to participate, naturally --but this section of The Guild is open for visitors to read, at least.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo Lluis! The Guild is a fine place indeed.