Tuesday, April 27, 2021

WSS Austrophile Infantry preview

I'm pleased to share the next couple of War of Spanish Succession 1/72 scale figure sets we've scheduled, now devoted to Charles Habsburg's infantry of the line.

As you can see in pictures, this upcoming release is to consist of two 4-figure sets --the one of musketeers, while the other one comprises officer, drummer, flag bearer and NCO.

We expect to release them before Summer, to be shortly afterwards followed by similar Two Crowns Spanish sets.


Uwe said...

You can already prepare a parcel for me:-)

Great stuff and a good addition to the WSS range!


old john said...

me too will be ordering a few sets, they look great, cheers Old John

Unknown said...

Look excellent, but how about 2 flags in a command set?
But great work, looking forward to seeing them later.


Soldadets said...

Yes my sculptor and I were discussing this issue before --because of being both aware that, depending on each one regiments' size and preference, some would need a second flag bearer while other wouldn't need it.

In the end, what I am planning to do is leaving the command set as it is now, and then sell single flag bearers too.