Sunday, April 4, 2021

Some WSS related news

I've just released a further PDF booklet on the War of the Spanish Succession, this one a little larger than the 1 or 2 pages uniform guides I've been publishing so far. Under the title of "Notes on Philip V's Infantry Flags", this new 6 pages booklet deals with the evolution of Two Crowns' Spanish Infantry Colours since the very early reign of Philip d'Anjou until the end of war. I hope this comprehensive (or so I think?) guide will help WSS aficionados to better understand Spanish flag patterns of this period, so poorly covered elsewhere. It's also intended to share the factual data and hypotheses behind my own reconstructions of them --all this, duely backed by a hopefully useful bibliographical listing.

With time, it's my aim to publish similar booklets on Austrophile Spanish (or Austro-Catalans, name them at will) and Portuguese flags too. Hope this initiative is to be welcome!

I've also taken advantage of this publication for releasing a new set of Two Crowns Spanish Infantry flags --now those of the renowned Castile Infantry Regiment, formerly known as Old Purples Tercio. As usual, those flag sets have been released in 1/100, 1/72 and 1/56 scales altogether. Let me also comment that there are plans for boosting soon the 1/144 scale versions of all our collection too.

As it couldn't be otherwise, these releases above have been accompanied by a PDF painting guide devoted to Castile IR. All my PDF guides can be freely downloaded, as perhaps some of you already know.

And last but not least, our recently started 1/72 scale WSS figure range is going to see further releases quite soon. But let me keep some mystery around for a while...

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