Friday, April 9, 2021

New 1/600 Xebec

Our Age of Sail range has just been increased with a new model ship, that of a xebec - a kind of medium vessel that populated the Mediterranean sea between 16th and 19th centuries. Although probably born as a humble fishing boat powered by either lateen sails or oars, soon its design was modified and optimized for different purposes, from trade to privateering and pirate fighting. Late 18th century larger war xebecs could reach 680 tons and carry up to 38 guns.

This new boxed kit is that of a small xebec with 12-14 guns, used for either coastguarding or privateering. It comprises a high quality resin hull and white metal rigging and a convenient Barbary corsair flags set. As it can be seen by the picture above, it consists of just eight parts.

Xebecs are usually associated to Barbary privateers, and that's why our boxed set includes an appropriate corsair flag sheet. However, it can be used by virtually any mediterranean nation with similarly warlike purposes.

Here above you can see one of our xebecs, masterly assembled and painted by Minis, My Way youtuber.

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