Tuesday, December 5, 2017

More Naval Flags released

Here you have our fifth batch of 1:600th scale Age of Sail naval flags sheets: this time, those belonging to 17th century Portuguese, Dutch and Ottoman warships.

As usual, the new flag sets come as DIN A7 paper sheets, each including an ensign, two alternative/complementary mast flags, a bow jack and a pennant; all them, slightly textured and following the general pattern shown below:

After this addition, our Naval Flags range is right now comprising 15 different sets belonging up to 7 maritime nations --as well as those of a famous pirate! Besides, more flag sets from both 17th and 18th centuries are awaiting their chance on our Wishlist.

Worth to be noted that these naval flags are perfectly suitable to Peter Pig's sailing ships range, as it can be seen below:

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