Thursday, December 28, 2017

Plans for 2018

As a continuation of my thread of last week, let me encourage you to download our updated Catalogue (either as an illustrated PDF file, or as an Excel speadsheet), rather than bore you by repeating news pieces.

* Illustrated catalogue, PDF version
* Spreadsheet listing, XLS version


1/600 Age of Sail Ships: Such is the range we're planning to start this 2018 year. A first Early Galleon is almost over: hulls are done, rigging is being cast and box design is just awaiting some artwork to be finished. Shortly after its release we shall launch a second, Late Galleon; and in the meanwhile a third ship is already on designer's workbench --a Man-of-War.

I'm not 100% sure about their ultimate pricing, but I'm starting to believe we'll be able to keep them within the €15.95 range (just as the 1/100 aircraft kits or 1/72 figure sets).

As for how to expand the range after those three first ships, there is some uncertainty still. I might choose to continue the full rigged ships series with a frigate, or otherwise could start a range of galleys. It's up to you to help determine the range direction by using our Wishlist.

As for Spanish Civil War, I'm planning to still keep developing all the related ranges (mainly the 1/72nd scale one, but with some room to 1/100th too), although at a more calm speed than in past years. Minairons needs some breathe now, after the huge invest on SCW!

So I'm afraid there won't be any avalanche of SCW releases during 2018. What we currently have on workbenches is a small set of Motorcycle Dispatch Riders at both 1/100 and 1/72, L3/33 Tankette at 1/72, Trubia-Naval Tank at 1/100, and Assault Guards 20mm figure sets. Only if things do run very well during 2018 we shall dare to also release a Fiat-SPA Dovunque truck at 1/72 we are currently designing.

Due to this need of taking breathe, we are now working on some kind of partnership agreement with Early War Miniatures, many of whose ranges are simply ideal to complement ours own. Conversations are likely to end up as a crossed-retail, or crossed-distribution deal. Such is my wish, at least.


In accordance to the priority assigned to the upcoming Age of Sail Ships range, we're going to keep making some 1/600 Naval Flags sheets else, albeit starting to condition their release rate to the eventual success of model ships themselves (just for caution). The next batch we've forecast is to include, for the first time, two flag sets own to 18th Century rather than to 17th --both related to War of Spanish Succession.

Let me suggest you once again to influence the range development by using our Wishlist.

BTW, one user has recently written to me for suggesting a larger scale version of such sets --aimed at 15mm or even 28mm gaming compatible model ships. How would you see it?

1/144 and 1/100 aircraft ranges: Sorry for the delay our next planned aircraft (Breguet Br.XIX) is experiencing. Honestly, its 1/144 version is already done, but I've refrained myself from ordering a decals sheet for it so far, for the above commented 'taking breathe' reason. I'll do all my best to include it in pipeline within 2018! (no other would be my will).

Wish me luck!

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