Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New 20mm separate heads

We've just made available two new sets of separate heads for Spanish Civil War 20mm figures customization. These are the much requested Isabelino caps and Berets:

Originally intended as a forage headgear, Isabelino caps are suitable for regular troops of both sides, but also for Militias --either left-winged or Falangists.

On their side, berets can be used for virtually any troop type of both SCW sides --but are especially distinctive of Requeté Carlists, Basque Army, Militia and even tank troops.

After these two additions, our alternative headgear 20mm range now comprises up to 9 different sets. All them can be found on Minairons web shop.


Anonymous said...

Great to see these essential elements in production now. I ordered mine straight away and must say the photos do not do the sculpting justice, these fellows look much better in reality! So I'd say change the portrait photographer and keep the sculptor :-)

Soldadets said...

Yeah, I'm anything but good with a camera in hands. Only thing I'm worse at is doing business :D :D :D :D