Thursday, November 9, 2017

New website Section and Range

Minairons had got so far known primarily for its range of Spanish civil war miniatures, mainly at 1/72nd scale, but also to some extent at 1/100th and 1/56th too. However, I am writing these lines to formally start a completely new range of model kits, dedicated to a totally different period and on a different scale.

So, while a professional artist begins to give color and volume to our first model of such new range (a large Age of Sail transoceanic Renaissance galleon at 1/600th scale, that can be watched in the photo above), please allow me to introduce the new section we have just open on Minairons website:

Awaiting the release date of such first model, our naval collection already consists of a dozen sheets of ensigns and naval flags of XVII and XVIII centuries, complemented by the complete Range 18 from Peter Pig, consisting of sail ships and various accessories (crews, cannons and rowing boats). As you can see from the attached photos below (taken on models from my own collection decorated with Minairons flags), there is a high compatibility between both brands' products:

Our current schedule can be checked on our blog's Pipeline page, while a wide selection of sail ships, as well as 17th and 18th centuries naval flags sets are awaiting adhesions in our website Wishlist page.


Sparker said...

How exciting! I wonder if eventually you will expand the range to later for the Seven Years War and Napoleonics...

Soldadets said...

Uhm... Well, all what I have currently in pipeline can be dated around 17th or early 18th centuries. But in the end it's customers preferences that will decide: