Thursday, April 2, 2015

Farewell to Pat Condray

Just come from a short holidays spent with my lovely wife in the Pyrenees range, when I've just been acknowledged at The Miniatures Page about the passing of Patrick "Pat" Condray, as a result of the injuries suffered after being swept away by a car while riding on his bicycle.

I had been developing lately an increasing e-mail relationship with Pat, who as owner of Historical Products Company had taken the challenge to represent and sell in his country Minairons miniatures' 1/72 SCW products, which he had judged would help boosting his own 20mm range and spreading SCW gaming in the United States of America. Always concerned with the historical accuracy of his own settings, he often used to request me uniform data, OOBs or even scenarios to game at shows.

Beyond his sgnificance as an HMGS founder, or the fact of being a key link between us Minairons and SCW gamers in the US, I'm just able right now to express my deep sadness at Pat's passing away. May he rest forever in peace.

Et trobaré molt a faltar, Pat. A reveure!


MarkL said...

Pat was one of the really intelligent personalities that was not afraid to point out the hypocrisy of the knuckle dragging uninformed gamers that make up the majority of historical gamers in the Southern US. I always enjoyed talking to Pat at the CONs. He will be sorely missed in spirit and substance.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to hear. Condolences to his family.

Dur Ecu said...

indeed, very sad to learn of Pat's passing. He and I went back a long way into the early days of the hobby here in Northern Virginia. Pat was an all around good guy, intelligent, well read, and a true pioneer of the hobby. RIP

Anonymous said...

This is sad news indeed to me. Pat Condray was such a gentleman and true gamer at heart. In the past I bought many War of the Spanish Succession and Spanish Civil War models and materials from him, all sadly lost in flooding a few years ago. His enthusiasm for the SCW is ultimately what piqued my interest in the period. An old school gamer and gentleman who will be truly missed.