Friday, April 17, 2015

1/56 M1 Armored Car, ready

An admittedly too long awaiting model, the Interwar US M1 Armored Car is ready for release at 1/56th scale. Here below you can watch a sample superbly painted by Bruce Murray of Ready4action:
28IGV001 left
28IGV001 front
28IGV001 right
28IGV001 rear
Despite the real vehicle not having seen any action, we believe it an exciting, useful addition to any early 20th Century semi-historical, ucronic or pulp setting --let's say, VBCW, Mexican Revolution or ACW 2. With decals printed and models cast, we're now about to start box designing --so its release can be reasonably expected by early June.


Unknown said...

How do I buy this? It has a family connection and I would like to look into owning one.

Soldadets said...

In a few weeks' time we'll have it available back again.