Friday, March 20, 2015

New 1/72 SCW Nationalist Cavalry

20GEF009 box
It's already available a new set of Spanish Civil War 20mm figures --this time the Nationalist Cavalry. What we've just released is the first one in a series of 2 sets --this one including 5 regular troopers along with their horses, while the second one will comprise the Cavalry command group. As you can see below, all figures show different, unique poses, as well as horses also do.
20GEF009 contents
You will note that horses haven't been cast each as a whole, but into three parts (left and right halves, and base), so that you can choose whether to build them using their matching halves (each one identified by a number in the inside), or to try combinations of your own instead. Thanks to this trick, it is always possible to join two troopers boxes and still give them a unique appearance, with no repeated horses.
built 20GEF009
As said above, this novelty is already available from Minairons website --and hopefully from our main distributors and retailers too!

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