Sunday, April 26, 2015

1/72 Landesa tractor & Vickers 105mm gun

Here you have a few pictures on one of the closest to deadline projects we've got currently in hands. Some have been taken from my mobile device, so their quality is somewhat poorer than wished --apologies for this:
20GEV035 alone
20GEA002 alone
20GEV035 set
The concept behind this double kit is identical to that in IGC Sadurní tractor & Schneider howitzer: that is, to make as the main product a boxed set comprising both tractor and gun, besides of a white metal driver (and perhaps, only perhaps some passengers), but also to allow users the chance to get each separately --in bag with heading card, and no extras.

Please observe that some parts of gun have ultimately been cast in metal. Results have been so satisfactory that we'll likely going to improve the same way our Schneider 155mm howitzer --so replacing its current resin wheels by metal ones too.

If everything keeps running as smoothly as so far, this new kit could easily be launched by the end of Summer.

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Anonymous said...

Great a 1/72 scale model of this Spanish standard gun is in sight! The detail looks good from these photos. Hope the carriage is not too square but trust you are working from scale plans rather than photos. Regards, Pat