Monday, June 16, 2014

Prototypes of Benach M1935 Fast Tank

Lot of time passed since our last piece of news regarding this amazing pre-war tank project - the blueprints of which had remained unknown until past year, as we told you in previous posts. As a matter of fact we've been silently working on it - although from a second line, for we considered it prioritary to push harder other, more SCW-related projects. It has never been put aside, though - so we can proudly show you now the ultimate prototypes of this Inter-wars tank at both 1/72 and 1/100 scales:
According to our plans, the kit is to include both alternative running configurations - on tracks and on wheels. Here below you can see them compared to their respective scale T-26 tanks:
Benach & T26 compared
It's a bit soon still for giving you a certain, precise deadline for its releasing - but we hope to be able to release it by Autumn.


Beaty said...

That's another very unusual and interesting little tank! You're making it very difficult for me NOT to do a SPanish Civil War project next! :)

Soldadets said...

Well, that's my job! ;)