Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Figures sets merging

Some time ago we showed you a preview of our upcoming Republican Militiawomen set, that ought to consist of 15 female fighters. We had at start planned to make this set be followed later by an eventual Female Command & Weapons set including several figures else --many of which not strictly to first line jobs.

After some feedback sought, we later understood there wasn't room enough for such second set, that would likely please some collectors but would be hardly usable by most wargamers. This is the reason why we've in the end decided to create a single, merged Militiawomen set by adding a few figures else to those 15 already cast. I'd like now to show you the greens of those 4 supplementary figures:
20GEF011 leader
This one would be the company or battalion leader. Sculpting is closely inspired in the historical character of Mika Feldman - an Argentinian militiawoman who earned the rank of captain in the Republican Army.
20GEF011 flag bearer
You can watch above the standard bearer --female battalions flags to be included in this expanded set.
20GEF011 LMG team
And last, the 2 women LMG team --please note the Chauchat MG.

Besides, we've taken advantage of this compulsory program change for also sculpting the figure that will compliment our forthcoming Bookmobile kit --either as its librarian or driver, at user's will:
20GEV024 driver
Hope you like them as much as I do!


Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Simon r.

Anonymous said...

They are fantastic looking figures Luis, but I have to admit the original idea was somewhat limited, due to the relatively short time women were 'allowed' to fight in the front lines overall.

I think you have made a wise choice and I do hope these are successful... I also hope "La reina de la ametralladora" is in the set though!

Anibal Invictus said...

Looking really good and a wide decision

Beaty said...

You're really coming up with some very interesting and novel figures. Well done!

Knitty Cat said...

These are amazing! These aren't just male figures with boobs, they've been sculpted incredibly well. The poses, the way the women hold themselves, their positioning, all obviously female. Beautiful. As a woman, an artist, and a war gamer, I really appreciate the work that went into making these female figures FEMALE.

Soldadets said...

Such was our main purpose, certainly - as a humble contribution to restoring the dignity of hundreds of heroic women so unfairly vilified after war. We'd like any gamer look at them and think "hey! this one could be my sister" instead of thinking "hey! Beyonce with guns". :)