Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spanish Republican tank riders

We're delighted to show you a preliminary drawing of the 1/72nd scale Spanish Republican driver and passengers we are currently preparing for complimenting our upcoming IGC Sadurní Carrier. This means that they're going to be included in that AFV boxed kit by default; but we also plan to sell these 20mm figures separately, for allowing you to discretionally use them on other SCW trucks and tanks.
The IGC Sadurní Carrier boxed set will contain, besides of tank and passengers, a nice set of decals with Catalan markings --as well as some Scottish insignia for your VBCW-style fictitious settings! Such sheet is logically shared with the rest of IGC Sadurní tank variants.
Presidents Azaña & Companys

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Anonymous said...

Looks like another winner - the seated figures will be much in demand. Congratulations!