Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1/100th scale T-26 tank preview

15GEV005 box
Our 1:100th scale T-26 tank is taking shape. This is what our second testing injection batch looks like.
15GEV005 left view
15GEV005 sprue
15GEV005 right view
Here you can see some pictures for comparison. At left, our twin-turreted model A from the first batch; in the middle, a model M from Zvezda; and at right a model B from our second batch. All dimensions are consistent with those of the Zvezda model, except for the mudguards: ours are 0.5mm wider --or theirs 0.5mm narrower! So happens with tracks too.
compared T-26s
compared T-26s
compared T-26s
Minairons' 1/100 T-26 tank will be released on September 11th as a boxed set. It will include 5 plastic tanks, besides of a decals sheet with markings for up to 5 Russian, 5 Finnish, 5 Turkish, 5 Spanish Republican and 5 Spanish Nationalist tanks.
single 15GEV005


pancerni said...

This is very god news, I will need to get some for our upcoming battles!

Soldadets said...

Someone has just placed a question -but perhaps later has erased it. His question was:

"Which versions were used during the SCW, and how many of each? I can find that 281were shipped to Spain, but not the versions."

Answer: all the T-26 delivered by Russia were the obr. 1933 version -that is, our model "B".

Besides, the Republic managed to purchase one twin-turreted Vickers from a South American country (Uruguay?), but this was most likely modified at the arrival, so as to have a regular T-26 turret.

There is no record of other T-26/Vickers variants in the SCW.