Monday, September 2, 2013

1:100 scale T-26 tank ready!

20GEV005 box
Our long ago anticipated 1:100th scale plastic T-26 tank is finally available and ready for shipping. It comes as a boxed set including 5 tank sprues, as well as a decals sheet with USSR, Finnish, Turkish, Spanish Republican and Nationalist markings --up to 5 sets of each!
20GEV005 contents
Minairons Miniatures' T-26 obr. 1931 & 1933 boxed set retails for EUR 21.95 --that makes less than EUR 4 each individual tank sprue, after having deduced from total the decals own cost. It can be purchased straightly from us at, or from the following Distributors & Significant Retailers List.
20GEV005 box reverse
If willing, please check this previous posting for a comparison to Zvezda's own T-26 version M.


Gerry said...

We are looking forward to Your parcel. Interesting to compare the T-26 from the company "Zvezda". I use these tanks in World War II. Barbarossa 1941".

Soldadets said...


The parcel is about to be sent to your very same address in 644073 Omsk, but to the name of Anton Nikitchenko (who was the PayPal payee) instead of your own.

Does it make any difference or trouble?

(sorry, when processing your order I happened to have a trouble with Minairons website, so had to use the address of the PayPal payee).

Please let me know, for I was about to deliver the parcel to Spanish Mail tomorrow in the morning.

Gerry said...


The parcel need to send to the name of Alexander Anatol'evich Gerashenko.

Tammo_Korsai said...

Looks like a fantastic kit. Any thoughts about creating a another turret so you can create the Vickers 6 ton. Would be very useful for Chinese and Polish forces.

Soldadets said...

Hi @Tammo_Korsai,

Yes we've been pondering such possibility. Would you mind such alternative, separate turrets were made in resin?