Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Re-mastered 1/72 Bilbao preview

20GEV003 box
This is what our next-to-come 1:72nd scale Bilbao Armoured Car will look like, once entirely re-mastered from the basis of re-scaling our CAD prototype --initially produced at 1:100th.
20GEV003 parts
20GEV003 detail
As you can see, hard plastic fore wheels and machine gun have been re-scaled too. And they do fit perfectly!
20GEV003 right view
20GEV003 left view
You can see next our armoured car accompanied by two 20mm figures --a Republican officer from Bandera/HPC and a standard-bearer from Irregular. Apologies for their battle weary look --chipping, unfinished flag and so--, I should have repaired them before pictures!
next to 20mm figures
Minairons' 1/72 Bilbao will be released on August 15th as a boxed set. It will include 2 resin armoured cars, one hard plastic sprue with 4 fore wheels and 2 MGs, and one paper sheet containing 3 textured flags.

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