Saturday, July 13, 2013

Now also stocking Heer46

Heer46 logo We are happy to acknowledge you all that Minairons Miniatures webshop will from now on have a permanent stock of the amazing 1:100th scale models made by Heer46, a small firm from Germany who's got specialized at bringing to life the terrifying super-heavy tanks designed by the engineers of late III Reich --such as the Pz.Kpfw VII Löwe (=Lion); or the E-50, E-75 heavy tanks along with their corresponding tank hunters or Jägdpanzers.
Heer46 tanks
Thanks to this, we expect not just to provide our customers the widest possible range of choices for optimyzing their purchases, but also to strengthen our ties with those manufacturers sharing a philosophy kinship with us --such as Plastic Soldier Company for instance.

Wish this kind of initiatives are pleasing to you!
Heer46 tanks

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