Friday, July 26, 2013

Going for figures now?

Well, sooner or later it had to happen: we have finally started considering a range of figures matching our SCW model kits. After considering pros and cons, we've thought it better to start a full range in 1:72nd scale, or 20mm. Such figures will be primarily white metal --not having completely discarded though to make some in other materials such as plastic or resin.

We have found full willingness and involvement of Juan G. Bautista of Xan Miniatures, who has already started working out some drawings on our first set: Republican Regular Infantry. Here you can see such preliminary artwork:
Our first set would consist of a 15-men Platoon boxed set, containing all the miniatures necessary for building a full Infantry Section including one or two NCOs, according to the TO&Es in Spain in Flames/España en Llamas unofficial variant of Flames of War. The pictures you can see show the set planned 8 basic postures --variations apart.
This first set would be followed by a Company HQ and support weapons, allowing you to build an entire Company if desired, by just adding Platoon sets to the core Company HQ. At such an early stage, we can't give you any schedule. However, you can already have for sure we shall push it forward! As said above, it had to happen --sooner or later.


PanzerKaput said...

Very nice work there but they should be in 28s

Soldadets said...

PanzerKaput, thanks for your comment --but, may I add a thought to your own comment?

Choosing 20mm is a matter of common sense. Why?

1 - Except for Spain itself, no SCW gaming is performed in 15mm. Besides of Minairons, there are two other makes in Spain trying to fill up this segment.

2 - Those brands having endeavoured 20mm SCW figures in the past haven't updated their ranges for decades.

3 - There's already a beautiful, quite modern 28mm range by Empress Miniatures (and perhaps other brands, I admit not to know).

After all this, it seemed quite clear to us that the correct size to start with was 20mm.

May I know what do you believe now, after reading our own reasonings?

GeorgeOrwell said...

I'm still down for 28mm, too...

Anonymous said...

Excellent news again!

I vote for 20mm so the figures could be used together with 1/76 or 1/72 plastic figures.

Personally I stand firmly on the Republican side but have enough government soldier figures (BUM, Airfix WW1 French, etc.) so what I rather need are
a) Nationalists in Spanish mod. 1926 helmets and
b) "Moros".
It would be very difficult to convert existing plastic figures into these two.

Anonymous said...

What's the timeline for these?

Based on the number of 1/72 vehicles that you are producing, I think 20mm will be exciting. There are lots of inexpensive 20mm terrain kits as well.

How soon?


Soldadets said...

It's hard to set a timeline up for such new range, due to our unexperience at managing metal figures projects. Sculptor will start his job around mid-September, and he's confident to have it finished in a few weeks... let me schedule its releasing by November for caution --December at most.

Anonymous said...

fantastic, looking forward to this!