Thursday, May 19, 2022

Persian naval flags bunch

Persian Navy

We've devoted this week's releases to the Persian Navy in the Age of Sail, with two new flag sets comprising ensigns and minor flags from both Safavid and Afsharid dynasties (late 16th to late 18th centuries). Worth to be remarked that the white background ensigns are fully interchangeable from one period to the other, because a white flag with a red sabre was the traditional Persian war ensign. Otherwise, coloured flags are own and exclusive of each dynasty (green for Safavids, yellow and striped for Afsharids).


It was also scheduled a third release, devoted to Persian Gulf trader flags in the Age of Sail - as you can see above. However, a small latest hour issue has prevented us from releasing this set alongside with the other two. Anyway, as such issue is to be solved within a few days, we have chosen to make it available too - under pre-order status.

All three sets can be already acquired from our website.

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