Thursday, March 7, 2019

20mm SCW dispatch riders preview

I'm happy to acknowledge our readers that our upcoming set of 1/72 scale SCW figures is ready now. The set will consist of two Republican dispatch riders along with their Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Unlike their 1/100 scale counterpart shown below (where bike, rider and stand are cast in a single piece, with only handlebar and arms apart), the 1/72 scale version has separate motorcycles, figures, handlebars and stands (so allowing multiple customization chances).

(15mm version)

As you can see, the first figure of this new set shows a man leaning on his right foot, as if he was talking with someone else, or watching something perhaps.

The other one represents a rider seated on his bike --which is obviously supposed to be running.

In the next few days we're going to take them to foundry for production.


Anonymous said...

The tires seem rather wide but the figures look excellent, very natural poses - will the next set be health & safety officers issuing them helmets? :-)

Soldadets said...

From the opposite side, by chance? LOL