Tuesday, February 26, 2019

More Spanish Succession flags

Now that the headquarters move is over, we are restarting activity by sharing with our readers the release of a new set of War of Spanish Succession flags --devoted this time to a third Austro-Catalan infantry regiment: that one oficially named "Saint Narcissus", but also known by locals as "German infantry". The set has been released simultaneously in 1/100, 1/72 and 1/56 scales versions altogether, following our purpose to develop all three ranges simultaneously.

This is not all, though. Two former sets, that were put under pre-order some months ago, have now been made ultimately available too. I'm talking about "Saint Eulàlia" and "General Deputation" regiments, already announced in previous posts.

All these sets are now available under form of a DIN A7 format PDF file, that can be downloaded for €2.00 and auto-printed at will --with the only exception of "St. Eulàlia" 28mm version, that had been brought to printshop some time before. This later will be sold as printed paper still for a time, until end of stocks; only afterwards we shall re-release it as a PDF file too.

In the next months we'll keep developing these new, multi-scale PDF ranges focusing on the peninsular armies of WSS (both sides Spanish and Portuguese mainly, but hopefully also from those countries having deployed troops there).

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