Thursday, March 8, 2018

15mm SCW Republican dispatch riders

We've just released a new Spanish Civil War set in 1:100 scale --this time, a set consisting of white metal Republican dispatch riders on Harley Davidson Flathead motorcycles. I'm honored to say that the rider figure has been sculpted as a gift to Minairons by Martin Goddard from Peter Pig. Wish you like the set as much as I do!

Please watch the superb painting job by HeresyBrush on a couple of samples (click on the pictures to see them larger):

We're selling them by the 3 in a blister, priced at €3.95. You can find them here.


Dark_Jober said...

Dios... me encantan. Llevo mucho sin comprar nada de SiF... lo último fueron los PanzerI que sacasteis... pero esa pausa podría llegar a su fin

Soldadets said...

Anda, anímate. ;)
Que incluso yendo más lento que el 1/72, mi catálogo de 1/100 está bastante majo ya :)