Saturday, January 14, 2017

SCW Basic Painting Guide 04: Left Wing Militias

We've just uploaded a new painting guide sheet onto website, this time devoted to generic left wing militias. As with preceding publications of this series, the purpose of such sheet is no other than bringing a number of choices and possibilities to average painters from the humble point of view of another, devoted hobbyist wih some (non-professional) experience --far from any scholarly lesson, then; it's not aimed at obtaining masterly but just decent enough results.

It has also been taken advantage for updating a bit the other three painting guides already published, into a 2.0 version. Nearly all of the updating performed regards only aesthetical or ortographical aspects --so you are presumably losing little if not downloading them again. Anyway, all four painting guides can be downloaded for free using this link. For doing so you must log in the website first, though.

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Beaty said...

Every time I see one of your SCW posts I get tempted into starting a SCW project! But then remind myself about the huge stash of other projects I have. :)

Excellent stuff...I will do some some day though.