Thursday, February 4, 2016

Going for BT-5 now

Just a first shot on the tank we're planning to release soon --right after the Trubia-Naval, which is scheduled for late March or early April:
At this stage, not many things can be told about it: it will be mostly resin made, we'll try and cast its hull as a single part, cannon will be a white metal piece apart, and kit will comprise a set of decals --those same already used with T-26 tank, that include both Nationalist and Republican markings, besides of WWII Soviet and Finnish ones. Oh, I forgot to add that it will be released at 1/72nd scale first, as usual! In a few weeks we'll be able to explain more.


Oh great rolly one said...

One ponders the difference between the Bt5 and the Bt7?

Soldadets said...

As subtle as these can seem, there were enough differences between both tanks, IMHO. Please read