Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New SCW Buildings

Cemetery I'm delighted to announce the agreement just met between Minairons Miniatures and Surus Creations, by which we start retailing now their "Belchite" range of Spanish Civil War 1/100 scale scenery. This particular range of multi-part resin buildings from Surus is intendedly suitable not only for SCW, but also for any 15mm 19th or 20th centuries wargame set in Southern Europe or Northern Africa.

Surus Logo But this is far from being it all, because our agreement includes good news for 1/72 scale SCW gamers too!

Ca'l Fèlix Under the terms of our recent agreement, Surus Creations is committed at creating a similar range of Spanish Civil War 1/72 scale scenery items closely similar to those above. Such new range will probably be christened as "Gandesa" so as to be distinguished from its 15mm sister range, and will be worldwide distributed by Minairons Miniatures --so that all our international distributors/retailers are able to offer it to you SCW fans! Development of this new 1/72 range will start pretty soon.

You'll understand now why I am so happy today!

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