Saturday, January 30, 2016

More SCW heads

We've just made available three new sets of separate heads for Spanish Civil War 20mm figures customization. These are Maghribian turbans and tarboosh, and woolen caps:
The new sets are sold in 3-sprue bags (that is, 9 heads in a bag) at the price of € 2.95 each. You can check here our current listing of separate heads.


Anonymous said...

Great to see you expanding the heads range. Now all that remains for me to complete my SCW armies are the Isabellino cap and the Guardia Civil hat! Regards, Pat

Soldadets said...

Following soon ;)

sjwalker51 said...

That's good news, which figures would you recommend as most suitable for head-swaps to make Guardia Civil platoons?

Soldadets said...

Hummm... Honestly, I'd recommend you to use proper Guardia Civil figures from another make, rather than try and adapt those from our current range --we're not going to make these at the shortest term, because there are other more prioritary sets to sculpt.

You can check the SCW ranges of Irregular, Bandera (HPC if American) or even Barcino (if you happen to find these!).

Hope this helps,

Anonymous said...

Yesssss!!! Thank you so much for producing more heads, after buying them I can die a happy man.

My wicked plan for the Guardia Civil is to use Red Box figures from the Boxer War series, probably these
as they have the Y webbing and long trousers. What do you think?

Still, there is a Guardia Civil set on Minairon's wishlist! Regards, Pat