Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Upcoming 1/100 models

Some good news for SCW 15mm gamers: we've already started re-scaling to 1/100th some models previously launched at 1/72nd. The most significant one in terms of gaming is perhaps UNL-35 armoured car, but the very rare IGC Sadurní tank is also in process. Here below you can watch their respective master models, shown alongside to other models already re-scaled:
Another model being currently re-scaled too, from 1/72 into 1/100, is the carrier version of the Catalonian IGC Sadurní above:
Among these, the model the most likely to be released first is UNL-35 (our only current doubts turn around boxing them in 4-vehicle boxes, or 2-vehicle ones instead). The other are to be released later, due to having to complement them with decals and/or figures.

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