Saturday, July 18, 2015

Built Rosa Luxemburg Battalion

A user has kindly granted me permission to show some captions on the Rosa Luxemburg Battalion he's recently built and painted, to reinforce his 20mm SCW Republican Army. It comprises a Minairons 20GEF011 Militiawomen set, completed with a couple of poses of plastic figures by B.U.M. to fill up ranks. Group is supported by two 20GEV003 Bilbao armoured cars and one 20GEV024 Ford ambulance, also by Minairons. Enjoy the pictures!
JB 01
JB 02
JB 03
JB 04
JB 05
JB 07
JB 09
JB 10
JB 11
JB 12
JB 13
JB 14
JB 15
JB 16
JB 17
JB 18
JB 19
JB 20
JB 21
JB 22
JB 23
JB 24
JB 25
JB 26
JB 27
JB 28
JB 29
JB 30
JB 31
JB 32
JB 33
JB 34
JB 34
This user's original posting at Benno's Figures Forum can be read here.

1 comment:

herbert rj tarkel said...

I love the Minairons line, and want to purchase so much!

Alas, I am a man of simple means. I dream of the day when I can buy some of your kit! I wish I could even get a single T-26 and a few figures as a sample, to whet my appetite, and inspire me to save my dineiros.

Until then!

In humble awe,

HRJ Tarkel