Thursday, June 25, 2015

New 1/56 scale M1 Armored Car

28IGV001 box
After some months of silence regarding 1/56 scale, we are proud to show our latest release in such scale: the Interwar M1 Armored Car, a fighting vehicle that served in the US Cavalry in the early 1930s.
28IGV001 contents
As you can see by the picture above, model is mainly resin and consists of 22 parts, 8 of which are white metal. Set is completed by a decals sheet containing several early US markings and US Cavalry badges. Such sheet can be acquired separately, too.
built 28IGV001
painted 28IGV001
Priced at €24.95, this new model kit can be purchased right now from our website - or you can wait until our main dealers have got stocked from them. Minairons products are distributed in the UK by Plastic Soldier Company, and by Scale Creep Miniatures in North America.

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