Sunday, September 28, 2014

1/72 Nationalist Cavalry

Here you have a sneak peek on our surprise upcoming figures set:
The whole set will consist of 9 horsemen including officer, horn blower and standard bearer. Besides, one of the privates will be shown dismounted and horse holding. Work on them is progressing fast enough as to be reasonably sure to release the new set by late October - November as late.


Anibal Invictus said...

This is a very nice surprise indeed
Looking forward to seeing them in the shops!!

Soldadets said...

Just a few weeks' time wait :)

Anonymous said...

oh , those look first class! Im looking forward to being able to buy a box :)

simon r

Anonymous said...

It looks great, as do all the figures in the range so far... but 3 command and 6 caballeros? It will be a problem making up a unit.

Can I suggest the option for a pack with just caballeros with no command?

The horse-holder is a nice touch, but without any dismounted comrades, it is another wasted figure at present.

I expect that with different rules being used it is difficult to match packs to suit everyone, but even so, if I want to make up a 1:1 cavalry sección with these, I will need 4 packs and have 9 command figures left over.

You are developing what is becoming the best GCE range out there by far... don't spoil it. ;-)

Soldadets said...

Hi Jim,

We've started from the guessing that, when not based individually, mounted figures would be grouped by the two in a FoW style medium base - making this way 4 fighting bases besides of that separate horse holder. The boxed set is aimed at fulfilling such minimum size requirement.

We might have increased the number of horsemen so as to reach the number of 6 mounted bases - but such would have increased significantly the set price far beyond the average user expectations.

However, it would be wise from us to make separate horsemen available - and no doubt we'll do so.

Thanks for your wise warning, as well as for your warm appreciations :)


Anonymous said...

That seems like an adequate solution. Viva Minairons! :-D

Soldadets said...