Thursday, March 27, 2014

1/72 Militiawomen sneak peek

When talking about Milicianas, those of you fond of Spanish Civil War gaming are most likely familiar to images like these below:
Classic look
Such is certainly the most widespread appearance in our minds of those women having volunteered for fighting the military uprising against the Spanish Republic. Despite such look does respond partly to truth, for there actually arose a "revolutionary dress fashion" in Republican Spain following the uprising, it is not less true that these images also responded to the kind of appearance war reporters of the time were seeking. So becoming quite of a sketchy, mystified image.

In the end, one can reasonably understand such kind of overalls dressing in the first weeks of street fighting and turmoil... But, can any believe that such costume would be that widespread once the conflict had stabilized along regular front lines? Or after the hot, sunny Summer had given way to a less comfortable climate?

I'd bet not that many of you are so familiar to this other kind of images:
Not that classic look
At the time of projecting a series of Republican Militiawomen, sure that we shouldn't neglect those first captions above –in the end, this is precisely what many are actually expecting us to make. But it is our bid not to restrict ourselves to merely sketchy figures, but to reveal some of the real, quite more assorted thing behind too.

Unlike the whole of our 1/72 SCW figures range, whose sculpting has been entrusted to Juan G. Bautista of Xan Miniatures, this particular series has been commissioned to a different sculptor; one Angel Terol of Madrid town, who is ill-known in wargaming circles still, but holds a wide experience at sculpting larger scale miniatures (mainly for collecting purposes), besides of being an expert at sculpting female body.

Thus Angel and I agreed short time ago a first, testing figure to be sculpted; with the aim to meet size, style and proportions according to the male figures sculpted by Xan. The selected figure would be one of the 2 NCOs that should lead a female fighters set, accordingly to our sets composition settled schema.

Well, this below is the result.
Female NCO I
Female NCO II
Female NCO III
Female NCO IV
As said above, one of our main concerns regarding this series is to get ensured they will match fully with the whole range Xan is creating. General look is conceived as to show a relative fragility of body if compared to their male mates. Body proportions have been faithfully adapted in correspondance, as well as size (about 1mm shorter than men). I'd say we've fully achieved the goal, IMHO. But, may we know your opinion?


Jordi said...

Si em feu una Ferderica Montseny amb faldilles i revòlver encara em passaré al 1/72

Soldadets said...

...amb revòlver?

Jordi said...

Segurament no.
Hi ha una foto amb un vestit florejat i una cartutxera no gaire gran cap al darrere que per gros que fos el cul no hi cap una Astra estàndard.

Soldadets said...

Vull veure aquesta foto!

(curiosament, sí que havia pensat en una Federica Montseny)

Phil said...

Nice post!