Saturday, February 15, 2014

Flakpanzer I ausf. A

built 20GMV001
This will be our first set devoted to a period other than SCW. It is the Flakpanzer conversion of Panzer I ausf. A providing mobile AA support to the German columns invading the USSR in Barbarossa. It is already being cast right now at both 1/72 and 1/100 scales altogether, although the 1/72 version will be released slightly earlier. They were scheduled for next May and June respectively, but we are now pretty confident to be able for releasing both before.
20GMV001 parts
The idea behind is to take advantage of our already made plastic Panzer I ausf. A for transforming it into a Flakpanzer, thanks to a few supplementary parts, mostly cast in resin except for gun barrel which is cast in white metal. The complete kit will then include all the pieces necessary (either plastic, resin and metal), so that what you'll have in box is all this:
20GMV001 kit
Oh, not to forget that our set will also be complimented by 3 crewmen, that are right now being sculpted at 1/72 by Juan G. Bautista of Xan Miniatures (the artist behind our SCW 20mm figures range, you know).
built 20GMV001
(Please note the figures shown in this picture do NOT actually correspond to this kit, but belong to Xan Miniatures' own catalogue instead; we've been granted permission for using them in this series of pictures, while the ultimate ones in early WWII German uniform are being sculpted)

Same for the 1/100 scale version. I do not have ultimate models of it yet, but this is what the prototype looks like (quite of the same thing actually, but a bit smaller):
15GMV001 prototype
In this case, the complimentary 15mm crewmen figures have been commissioned to another talented sculptor, who deserved to be given a chance in our opinion (besides, this allowed us not to distract Juan Bautista from his current proritary work on both his own brand and our so successful SCW 20mm range). You'll know about him soon.

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