Wednesday, February 5, 2014

20mm Republican Command & Weapons

20GEF002 box front
Our second 20mm SCW figures set has today started coming out from factory. A full first batch of Republican Command & Weapons sets will come in our headquarters on next Monday.
20GEF002 front view
This new set consists of 12 figures, 1 HMG model and a paper sheet with pre-printed, textured Republican Army flags. There are two Degtyarev LMG teams, one CS/Valero light mortar team, the three crewmen of a Maxim HMG, two officers/commissars and a flag bearer.
20GEF002 rear view
20GEF002 rear view
Here below you have a few captions else:
mortar team front view
mortar team rear view
HMG team front view
HMG team rear view
Command team
Our 20mm SCW Republican Command & Weapons set can already be ordered right now at Minairons website --although, as said, we won't be able to start delivery until next Monday. It's priced same as the Republican Infantry set --that is, EUR 15.95.


Anonymous said...

Those look great, order placed!
Simon r.

Anibal Invictus said...

Very nice addition! Keep the good work guys

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Worth the wait I think. Regards, Pat

Soldadets said...

Glad you like them, Sirs. :)