Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1/72 Sadurní Tractor & Howitzer released

20GEV014 box
We are proud to show you our latest release at 1/72nd scale: IGC Sadurní Tractor, in our kit towing a Schneider 155mm howitzer. Tractor itself is quite easdy to build, for it consists of a total of 10 parts --4 of which are actually optional, such as mudguards and up to 2 headlights.
20GEV014 parts
As for the howitzer and its limber, we've been able to solve them in a small number of parts too: just 9. Due to a photographer error (me!), the part destined to hold the muzzle is not shown in picture --this is why you can only see 8 pieces. Apologies for the error, I'm definitely bad at taking photos!
tractor & howitzer
As you can see, kit includes not just tractor and howitzer themselves, but also a white metal driver, a right side empty seat and a decals sheet including both historical and what-if or fictional markings. The whole kit retails at € 16.95.
whole 20GEV014 kit


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The vehicle and gun look great as does the paintjob! I will repost the news tomorrow on my news blog!

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