Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1/72 Sadurní tank available for pre-order

Sadurní tank, front
While waiting for its box to be printed, we have decided to put our IGC Sadurní Tank on pre-order, so that those users willing to be first ones at being delivered it can reserve theirs own. So you already can pre-order yours from our website right now!

As you can see by the photo below, this is to be a pretty simple, easy-to-build kit that consists of just 3 main parts --hull, left and right tracks sets. Besides, it will include 2 alternative Hotchkiss MG barrels; resin or plastic at choice, depending on the use each one deserves to the model.
Also, the kit will be accompanied by a decals sheet including markings for all variants of this obscure, ill-known tank, as well as for other armour produced by IGC Board ("Comissió d'Indústries de Guerra de Catalunya", or War Industries Board of Catalonia); and a couple of more generic Spanish Republic markings. Finally, we've thought it nice to keep offering some what-if markings suitable for Very Civil British War (*), just as in previous releasings.
Sadurní tank, rear
Actually, the real-life tank didn't see any action, for all it is known; only two prototypes were built for approval in the first months of 1937, being rejected by the Republic due to its poor weaponry and the lack of turret forecasting, in spite of their admitted mechanical reliability. However, nothing is known about these prototypes ultimate fate. As the factory where they were built was in hands of CNT trade union, it wouldn't be that unlikely both were discretely diverted to Anarchist columns in the Front of Aragon, where the lack of armour was dramatic. Or were they perhaps re-converted into their more successful Tractor variant?
IGC Sadurni tank
(*) As many of you already know, Very British Civil War (VBCW) is a trademark owned by Solway Crafts & Miniatures and used with their kind permission.


Salvador said...

Beautiful, screams pulp goodness all around!

el frances said...

Estupendo trabajo ! Quien ha pintado el modelo ?

Soldadets said...

Gracias por los elogios. Esta vez, se ha encargado de pintarlo y fotografiarlo el británico Michael B. Murray, de Offensive Miniatures.