Friday, February 8, 2013

1:72 Panzer I B / Befehlswagen 1st prototype

Panzer Platoon
We can already show you pictures of our next 1:72nd scale model, which is no other than the Befehlswagen I B command tank, with option to be built as a regular Panzer I B. This is what the model looks like, compared to a Panzer I A hull:
20GEV004 command
Please note that the upper hatch dome is optional, so that you will be able to build the command tank without such part (as in the early version used in Spain) or including it instead (as used later in WWII). In both cases, you'll have the option to represent the hatch with either open or closed doors.
20GEV004 versions
As said above, the vehicle can be built as a regular Panzer I B tank, by replacing the resin casemate by the plastic turret and platform the kit will include. Both sets of parts fit perfectly to each other, as you can see:
20GEV004 PzIB
Worth to be noted that a couple of issues are to be fixed however. The first one, the command version MG will be oversized as to become the same diameter and length as that of the plastic turret. Secondly, we're still struggling for having a tank commander in time for release!

A latest hour piece of news on Decals: Just as any of our model kits, this one will come with a complete decals set depicting several national markings of the Nations having used this tank: Spanish Nationalist, German, Hungarian and... VBCW* BUF!

(*) A Very British Civil War, or VBCW in short, is a trademark owned by Solway Crafts & Miniatures, who have kindly granted us permission for using such what-if setting name in this decals set. As for BUF, it's the abbreviation of British Union of Fascists, a historical party forming one of the VBCW fictional factions.

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