Monday, December 10, 2012

So, what's going on with us?

Things not always run as smoothly and fast as expected, no matter how much care you put at easing it. So that, sadly, I'm afraid we shall experience some unavoidable delays --nothing to panic about, seriously; but an always annoying issue for a newly born company indeed, because this uses to perceive itself as dramatically needed of a catalogue expansion...

However, while some things seem to inexplicably delay, some others get speed when least we expected them to do so. Such is the case of our re-scaled to 1:100 Panzer I A. Its mold making is advancing fast enough to allow us to present you the very first injection shots of the thing:

15GEV002 first shot

As you can see, there are still some injection flaws preventing a correct flow of plastic within the mold, so that the tracks haven't been formed, the hull still shows a gap or the Breda gun seems unfinished. Nothing to worry about, that's normal. First shots are done precisely for detecting such flaws and fixing them before real production starts.

About the plastic colour: Please don't panic! Again, it's just a test shot where the less important thing was choosing a colour for the sprue. Ultimate sprues will show the scary dark grey you all expect...

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