Monday, December 3, 2012

First previews of Befehlswagen I B

Happy to be able to show you some first shots on another of the models we're currently designing. This will be Panzer I Ausf. B with Befehlswagen (or command vehicle) option. Here below you can see some renders on how will the command superstructure look, according to our design:

Pz I B render

This one will be a mixed resin-plastic model kit, taking some advantage of those plastic parts already designed for our Panzer I Ausf. A; along with a number of totally new parts that are to be produced in resin. Thanks to such combination, you will be able to build either a regular Panzer I Ausf. B or a Befehlswagen command tank.

Pz I B render

Panzer I Ausf. B will be released in 1:72nd scale first, to be re-scaled later into 1:100th and 1:56th too.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I'm really looking forward to these.