Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Deals in Poland, Germany & France

Martola logo The Minairons' distributors and retailers net keeps extending --at a slow albeit constant pace. The renowned Martola hobby shop in Poland have recently confirmed their commitment to carry our models as a retailer, for instance; as it has done too Le Lancier Bleu, a gaming shop in France already listing our 1:72 Panzer I Ausf. A in their website.

Lancier Bleu logo

Heer46 logo A third significant deal has been agreed with Heer46 in Germany, so that this firm will become a privileged distributor in their country of Minairons' 1:100 scale range products, as soon as the first model in such scale is released. That should happen this very month of December, or next January perhaps.

Besides, conversations have just started with a hobby shop in Belgium and an Australian distributor. Quite oddly to me though, no distributor in the USA have shown any interest in our fast assembly models so far, apart from the maker Historical Products Company (HPC) --who, quite logically, are showing their main interest in our 1:72 scale models.

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