Saturday, October 20, 2012

Panzer I A: 21% off if pre-ordering now!

20GEV002 box

Once successfully completed the second injection test, the 1:72nd scale Panzer I A of Minairons Miniatures has been finally approved for production, so that we shall have it available before the end of October.

Our Panzer I A plastic sprue consists of only 10 pieces, 2 of which are alternative turrets --standard as well as "modificado" 20mm Breda gun. Model is available in a 3-sprue box which also includes a decals sheet with national markings for up to 4 early German), Kuomintang Chinese and Nationalist Spanish tanks.

20GEV002 contents

This set is to retail at EUR 18.95 normally, but we offer you to pre-order it now for only EUR 15.00. That is, over 21% off!

Development of our website is experiencing a 1-2 weeks delay, so it cannot be used for pre-ordering yet. However, you can formally pre-order using eBay: just locate it through this link or, alternately, search it by its item no., #271085292713. Of course, this launching promotion is also valid for attendants to Alpha ARES convention (Barcelona, Nov. 10-11), so this offer is valid until Sunday 11th November 2012 inclusive.

standard Panzer I A

Do not miss the chance --it's a 21% off!

modificado Panzer I A

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David said...

Fantastic, order placed. Can't wait for the next releases!