Friday, October 1, 2021

1937 Chevrolet AAC, just ready!

Once back from a short vacation in the Pyrenees, I'm happy to share some preliminary views on what is going to be our next Spanish Civil War AFV release, both in 1:100th and 1:72nd scales - the ubiquitous 1937 Chevrolet armoured car!

As usual, these will be fast assembly model kits consisting of a main body for hull, and separate parts for wheels, headlights, turret and hull MG. Some of these pieces will be resin cast while others will be hard plastic or DLP 3D-printed.

As an aside note, this can be a really enjoyable model due to the number of adaptations and modifications suffered over their long service life - longer than one would expect from a start!

While still in SCW, some where fitted 45mm gun turrets cannibalized from T-26 tanks or BA-6 ACs. But then, once the Republic was defeated, a lot of Chevies fled to France; most were pressed into french service, either under their original liveries and weaponry, or with newly assigned camo schemes and armament. Later, after the fall of France, the germans took over all those Chevies still serviceable and pressed them into their own service, duely repainted in Panzergrau and dispatched to the Russian front, either with their existing weapons, or performing new roles such as troop carriers or turretless anti-aircraft platforms.

Plentiful of info and pictures at regard in Tanks Encyclopaedia. Enjoy!

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