Wednesday, May 20, 2020

New 1/600 Ship of the Line

I'm happy to show you a third model belonging to our 1/600 scale Age of Sail ships - this time, an aggressive 3rd rate Ship of the Line, modelled after blueprints of a real warship dating back from early 1700s. Model kit's hull is made of high quality resin, while masts and sails are white metal cast - just 11 parts in total! Kit is completed by a Portuguese naval flags sheet.

It's been a long, hard production process plentiful of unexpected issues, certainly; but now it's finally here with us, and I'm so happy for it! We are still awaiting packaging boxes to be printed, but it's a matter of just a few days; so you can pre-order right now your ship of the line while awaiting boxes to come. Delivery is expected to start on June 1st.

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