Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New release: ERA racing cars

We are happy to announce release of a new 1938 Grand Prix item, at both 1:72nd and 1:100th scales altogether. This new addition to range is ERA racer --an acronym standing for English Racing Automobiles.

Model kit is extremely simple at both scales, as you can see by the images below --first, the 1:72 version, that has been superbly painted by Carlos Vidal in Siamese livery:

And now its smaller 1:100 version, painted by myself. Well, not any master piece unlike the one above, but it will do nicely on a racing circuit anyway. Please do not take it as a suitable model of English livery, but choose a quite darker green for it instead --I admittedly mistook the shade!

ERA racers are already available from our website, if interested please follow the links: 1:72 version here and 1:100 version there. True that we had planned first a combined release in a 2-cars boxed set; but at one point we've found ourselves with ERA cars at both scales already cast, while the second car (a Bugatty most probably) hasn't ever started to be designed. So we've thought it better not to make you wait.

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