Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Battlegroup Spain supplement?

I guess that some of you already know (of have learnt about) the excellent Battlegroup WWII wargame rules series published by Iron Fist and sponsored by The Plastic Soldier Company; rules that are set mainly at 15mm to 20mm and can be played at different engagement sizes --typically, platoon to battalion levels. Well, the matter is that a group of gamers particularly attached to this ruleset have thoroughly prepared a supplement of it for Spanish Civil War --something that quickly attracted my attention like a magnet.

A PDF copy of that Spanish Civil War supplement draft was then submitted to Iron Fist and PSC teams, and they agreed it to be consistent enough for being worked out toward an ultimate version --provided that a more thoroughful testing might derive in any eventual amendment. It was also judged plausible to publish it in some form (even as a PDF), but for doing so it is compulsorily required to meet the designing high quality standards Battlegroup series has got us accustomed to.

Plain and simple, this means having lots of real contemporary pictures, as well as appropriate photos of figures and models in beatifully depicted scenarios. And I alone don't enjoy the resources needed for gathering such a large collection of pictures --or paying for these to be taken, either. This is why I would like to make a call to all those of you who would love a Battlegroup SCW supplement, to help us gathering as much and as good graphical stuff as possible, in order to illustrate such supplement accordingly to the high standards expected.

Related to all this, perhaps some of you will be glad to know that the making of appropriate Vehicle Data Cards for SCW is under study too. We would be granted full permission from owners above for doing so, provided the ultimate product meets their approval. I was thinking of a khaki brown for Republican AFV cards, while a khaki green for the Nationalist ones; would you agree to this, or would you suggest a different colour pattern instead?


Juanbu said...

It's a great great idea!!

I have been thinking about it or months, and now you give me this awesome news :)

How can I help?

Soldadets said...

Scenic photos with SCW figures and models --not from Minairons only, but from any other make too. This is the most needed stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to help if I can. Simon r.

NigelH said...

I would offer some pics, but my stuff is all 28mm, so probably not much use to you. Project is a great idea though, look forwards to seeing the end result.

Anonymous said...

Is there any news about this project? I'd glad to play the SCW with Battlegroup rules