Friday, May 20, 2016

New 1/72 Trubia-Naval tank


We are proud to announce that 1/72 Trubia-Naval tank will be released Monday 30th May, once its boxes come out from printshop. While looking forward to these, we've already made the tank available for pre-order here.


As you can see above, model itself is quite simple, for it consists of just 4 resin parts for assemblying ease. Each box is to contain 2 of these, besides of 2 different weapons sprues allowing a wide choice --as well as a decals sheet containing SCW Basque markings for up to 3 tanks, and a larger number of Welsh insignia for VBCW!


This new Spanish Civil War 2-tank boxed set retails at EUR 21.95. Don't miss the chance and reserve yours now!


1 comment:

Pete. said...

A lovely looking model. Will be picking some up.