Thursday, December 12, 2013

1/100 Grumman FF1/G23

While awaiting delivery of Polikarpov I-15 decals, as well as bringing into production its main rival, Fiat CR.32, allow me to show you a preliminary shot on the aircraft model following them right afterwards:
It's Grumman FF-1, a 1930s US biplane fighter --the first naval aircraft with retractable gear. As some of you perhaps know, close to 30 of its G-23 Canadian Car & Foundry variant were purchased by the Spanish Republic and fought in the Civil War --mainly performing patrolling duties over Catalonian and Andalusian waters. Not a matching rival to Nationalist fighters such as Fiat CR.32 or Messerschmitt Bf-109, it was nevertheless successfully used for land attack and dive bombing duties --and as such performed during the Ebro Battle.
Grumman G-23
Our model will have two alternative engine rings, thus allowing the kit to be built as an US FF-1 or a G-23. It's our aim to also complement set with a decals sheet with early US, RCAF and Spanish Republican markings, as usual. We have no deadline for its release yet, but we'd like to have it produced before next Summer --at 1/100 scale first, and 1/144 later.

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Milo Burgh said...

Man, a plane I like alot!! GOBLIN!!