Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And... what about 1:100 stuff?

Lately, I've been acknowledging you about our first 1:56 scale model, and have also given you some teasers on what is being currently cooked on the 1:72 scale side. "Great, but what about your promised 1:100 scale models? After the resin Bilbaos and the plastic Panzers, what else should we be waiting for?" --some of you might be silently muttering right now.
Hot news
Well, as some of you perhaps recall, our most likely candidate for a 1:100 re-scalation in the short term still is the Pz. Befehlswagen I ausf. B command tank --again, a mixed resin + plastic kit, just as its 1:72 scale counterpart... but we're currently working in two projects else at this scale --both in plastic!

Still doubtful about which one will be first, due to a number of both technical and budget reasons. One of the candidates is T-26 tank models A&B of course --re-scaled from an already released 1:72 version--, but the other candidate is that one you can see below:
15GEV006 Berliet
15GEV006 Command
15GEV006 Renault
According to our plan, the Renault FT-17 sprue would include not only an optional command version casemate, but both Berliet and Renault turrets too --any of which could be mounted an MG or a gun.

Your thoughts?


Sultanbev said...

The FT-17 turret/gun options sound great, as I need all those options, Assuming you have say 5 in a box, you wouldn't want more than one with a command variant option.

Still need the T-26A/B variants more urgently though, my early war Turks need some tank support, and even though Battlefront have announced their T-26B release for July, I'll wait for yours as they'll be cheaper, and have the A-option which I need.

Alois Nebel said...

Perfect idea !!!!!

Clodomir said...

Waiting for the Befehlswagen.
I have an idea of conversion : T26 1936 turret + BA 10 hull = ...
BA 6 :-)

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Looks great!

Soldadets said...

If true what it's said about Battlefront's own Khalkin Gol plans, they have fully got the goal. I can hardly dream of releasing plastic T-26s, BT-5s or BA-3/6 after they having released theirs own. Cannot compete with them. It would be nearly suicidal.

At most, I could release small conversion sprues, for converting Zvezda's own OT-26 flame tank into a regular T-26 A or B. And things like that.


Clodomir said...

So, if understand well, you will not Finally release the 1/100 T 26 ? It's a pity, but conversion sprues with zvezda kits is a very good idea. For example, although it's not really SWC themed, I will be glad to find turret conversion sprues for Zvezda sdkfz 222, to make 221 & 223 models.
FT 17 look fine, and otherwise why not L3/33 or L3/35 tankettes ?
And if one day, you want to product a nice 1/100 Pz 35(t)box, I'll take it :-)))

Soldadets said...

Goig to hold an urgent meeting with our toolmaker and the plastic factory manager, in ordre to discuss the chances of releasing a plastic 1/100 T-26 tank (versions 1931 & 1933) before than Batttefront. It should be accompanied by a decals sheet like its 1/72 counterpart -including Soviet, Finnish, Turkish and both SCW sides markings.

Is that what you would to know? ;)

Soldadets said...

OK men!! It's decided.

Let's go for a 1/100 plastic T-26 mod. A & B --and let's get into the race for who's going to release it first!

(Oh Gods of Olympus, please please please help me... *glups*)

Clodomir said...

Good news. Don't worry, I think yours kits are better than Battlefront models ! :-)

Sultanbev said...

Well, BF 1/100 tanks are usually £31 for 5, Minairons will be something like £19 for 4 or 5 (depending on how many you eventually put in a box). Plus Minairons will be lighter, so cheaper to post.
= Win-win for Minairons as far as I am concerned!